Thermo King, Minneapolis, revealed the ConnectedSuite platform, a complete package of Thermo King technology for a fleet’s connected assets that provides crucial information in real-time.

The robust, secure platform collects and aggregates data for a large number of mobile assets to ensure that loads arrive on-time and in optimal condition. ConnectedSuite now includes more features to help fleets improve efficient temperature management, FSMA compliance and further optimize asset utilization.

TracKing is a flexible ConnectedSuite system that integrates with fleet management systems. Fleets can monitor critical cargo temperatures, trailer locations, refrigeration unit settings and alarms through the dispatch process from pick-up through delivery. Integrated information of loaded refrigerated trailers in-route allows dispatchers and planners to quickly remedy issues that may cause damage and delay load delivery decisions.

New ConnectedSuite TracKing features include:

The new TK Notify mobile application, which provides data-rich notifications and a detailed view of the status of units, so fleets can make informed decisions in real-time. TK Notify provides a quick snapshot of the status of the unit when an event occurs. Information includes set-point, return air, discharge air, sensor temperature door status, mode of operation and the location of the unit at the exact time a problem occurs, giving fleet owners a clear snapshot of the reefer during the event. The app sends notifications when a unit requires maintenance. Managers can escalate events to drivers, service technicians or dealers to streamline communication and optimize fleet performance while a repair is underway.

Connect & Share is a new data-sharing service for fleets that use third-party telematics. Connect & Share provides data access to third-party telematics, and allows fleets to gather temperature, position and operational information, without the need for third-party hardware. Fleets can send 2-way commands depending on the system capabilities.

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