NOVAMEAT, Barcelona, received an undisclosed amount of funding from New Crop Capital, San Francisco, to accelerate the development of its proprietary plant-based meat manufacturing technologies.

The funding will allow NOVAMEAT to produce novel fibrous plant-based meat products. NOVAMEAT’s unique technologies rely on an innovative strategy to finely-tune the structure of a variety of plant-based proteins at the microscopic level, allowing for the production of fibrous plant-meat products that simultaneously mimic the texture, appearance, nutritional and sensorial properties of fibrous animal meats such as beefsteaks, chicken breast meat and tuna steaks.

“While I was researching on regenerating animal tissues through bioprinting technologies for biomedical and veterinary applications, I discovered away to bio-hack the structure of the native 3D matrix of a variety of plant-based proteins to achieve a meaty texture,” says Dr. Giuseppe Scionti, founder.

“NOVAMEAT is developing ground-breaking technologies to manufacture the next-generation of plant-based meats,” says Dan Altschuler Malek, managing partner at Unovis Partners and New Crop Capital. “We’re thrilled Giuseppe chose to partner with us to innovate and disrupt conventional animal agriculture at large scale, and welcome him to the New Crop Capital Portfolio.”

“We are the first generation with the knowledge and technology to reverse the climate crisis, and we can choose to be remembered for protecting life on our planet,” adds Scionti. “We have a great opportunity, let’s make it count.”