UniCarriers Americas (UCA), Marengo, Ill., launched the BXC65 4-Wheel, cushion tire, electric forklift.

The new BXC65 offers reliable, high-performance AC technology, including 100% AC motor and hydraulic systems. To reduce downtime, the BXC65 features on-board diagnostics, delivering immediate truck status. It also offers fast acceleration, travel and lift speeds, and is engineered to deliver greater productivity in the most demanding applications.

Operator conveniences include a high-visibility carriage, a 5-piece overhead guard that takes 75% less time to make overhead guard leg replacements and a full suspension seat with lumbar support for maximum ergonomic comfort. A single handle control lever and an operator presence system with return-to-neutral and seat-actuated auto-mast lock features come standard.

The BXC65 offers optional features, including cloth and vinyl swivel seats, a 60-millimeter raised overhead guard required for swivel seats (also available as a standalone option) and a bottler’s tilt with an 8-degree forward and 5-degree backward angle. A single/double pallet attachment is also available as a custom order modification. The attachment allows the operator to move one pallet at a time or two at once.

UniCarriers Americas