Phononic, Durham, N.C., partnered with Extality, Encinitas, Calif., to create what is said to be the first photo-realistic augmented reality (AR) app for food and beverage professionals.

The Imagine app allows store owners and brands alike to project a virtual image of Phononic’s F200 Merchandising Freezer into their retail environment using the camera on a smartphone.

Phononic’s F200 is built with a sustainable, compact and compressor-free design that allows it to be placed anywhere in a retail environment. This AR approach allows food retailers to visualize placement of at checkout, mid-aisle, end-caps or anywhere throughout the store.

Interactive functionality allows the user to visualize product placement inside the freezer, and cycle through custom exterior branding options. The app also delivers built-in opportunities to share content, allowing store owners to take a photograph of potential placements to share with brand innovators.