Eosta, Amsterdam, along with 32 retail chains in 13 countries, has saved more than 22 million units of unnecessary plastic packaging due to its natural branding laser technology.

What the process entails is, that a high-definition laser removes part of the pigment from the outer layer of the peel of the fruit or vegetable, leaving a permanent mark. As this mark is clearly visible, it is no longer necessary to pack the products in plastic.

“It’s great to see that so many retailers have embraced natural branding and understand that the most sustainable form of packaging is actually no packaging,” says Paul Hendriks, packaging manager.

“Together, with our retail partners, we have helped save 22 million packaging units, which adds up to 6,000 km of plastic film and a C02 savings [that] is the equivalent of driving 255 times around the globe,” adds Michaël Wilde, sustainability manager. “And, we are only just getting started.”