Germany-based KHS GmbH released its new sustainability report for 2017/2018, outlining various sustainability measures, successes and targets.

“KHS has always attached immense importance to protecting people, the climate and the environment. In our sustainability report, we show which measures we’ve already taken and which we are yet to implement in this respect,” says Kai Acker, chief executive officer.

Concepts for the future

“We aim to continue producing holistic systems and solutions for our customers, and at the same time, protect the environment,” adds Acker.

To this end, KHS intends to lower its carbon emissions in the long term by making considerable savings in energy, materials and resources company-wide as well as with regards to its product and service concepts.

The most recent example of this is the next generation of the KHS Innofill Glass DRS ECO glass filler, which lowers energy consumption by up to 20%. The machine also cuts carbon emissions by as much as 50% thanks to digital networking and monitoring the glass bottle filler.

“By increasingly applying intelligent products and solutions, we can also boost the efficiency of our plant engineering,” Acker says.

Employees a source of innovation

KHS also gives readers an insight into the diverse fields of work covered by its many employees and their specific commitment to sustainability over the past two years.

“Our employees are of central importance to KHS. It’s they who are behind every single idea and development and who are largely instrumental in promoting our economic and sustainable actions,” says Acker.

In the future, KHS will continue to intensify its development in the context of climate and environmental protection and check into which process steps further measures can be integrated.