Wefarm, UK, raised $13 million in a Series A financing round led by True Ventures, Palo Alto, Calif., to further scale its network of 1.9 million farmers. Other investors include AgFunder, San Francisco; June Fund, Berlin; LocalGlobe, UK; and Norrsken Foundation, Sweden.

Wefarm is on a mission to create a global eco-system for small-scale agriculture.

Wefarm Marketplace allows farmers to access quality products and services, such as seeds, fertilizers and a range of other non-agricultural items from trusted retailers and brands.

“If we can inspire 100 million farmers to work together on one platform, we can fundamentally shift global agriculture and trade in their favor, and this round of funding will take us even closer to bringing this vision for improved farm yields into fruition,” says Kenny Ewan, founder and CEO of Wefarm. “It’s about harnessing AI to champion human intelligence. Our network of trust empowers farmers to find solutions to problems by knowledge sharing. In tandem, the marketplace will give them access to first-rate products that help to deliver better produce. The combination of the two has limitless potential to influence and fight the major agricultural crisis we face.”

“We are enormously inspired by how Kenny and the Wefarm team have empowered the world’s farmers, and we see great potential for their future,” says Jon Callaghan, co-founder of True Ventures. “The company is not only impact-driven, but the impressive growth of the Wefarm Marketplace demonstrates exciting commercial opportunities that will connect those farmers to more of what they need to the benefit of all across the food supply chain. This is a big, global business.”