EIT Digital, Belgium, created DiLLaS (Distributed Ledger for Logistics and Supply chain management), GRAVITY (the core technology layer) and Telbase (for CRM, billing and payment process).

DiLLaS is a blockchain ledger service that securely registers all activities and data in the end-to-end logistics chain and makes this data transparent to all parties involved. DiLLaS does not replace existing shipping functionalities, but it rather aims at acting as a glue between all parties in the logistics ecosystem. It can be used to enhance and streamline any kind of value chain where logistics is involved, from company fleets to shipping supplies.

The platform’s core blockchain ledger allows for a trusted and decentralised recollection of all events related to the shipment, including access to security, reporting, SLA management and transactions. The data generated then becomes visible and actionable by means of a smartphone or tablet application.

Telbase is instrumental in making sure that each user is able to invoice their customers in the most suitable way.

EIT Digital