FoodLogiQ, Durham, N.C., launched its API-as-a-Service offering within FoodLogiQ’s Connect platform to enable customers to achieve end-to-end traceability while supporting safe and high-quality food products across the supply chain.

The data being gathered in FoodLogiQ’s platform—from critical tracking events, quality incidents and market withdrawals to product attributes, compliance documentation and supplier data—will now connect with other advanced technologies in the food industry. 

Current strategic priorities include:

Temperature and location monitoring. Foodservice professionals can use probes and sensors to monitor the status of their products, all while collecting real-time data throughout the transportation process. The FoodLogiQ Connect platform allows food safety professionals to monitor product from start to finish, ensuring that standards are always met.

Blockchain. FoodLogiQ enables customers to share data in the blockchain, whether it’s critical tracking events for farm-to-fork traceability or documents associated with their suppliers. 

Data pools. FoodLogiQ integrates with the GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), which allows collaborating users to securely synchronize master data based on GS1 standards.

Business intelligence. FoodLogiQ enables customers to detect anomalies in the supply chain, complete operational monitoring and better spot troubling trends with statistical process control (SPC).

Food quality and auditing technology. From rapid pathogen testing to DNA testing, FoodLogiQ centralizes food quality data working with other technology providers in this area.