Transplace, Dallas, Texas, extended its long-standing strategic partnership with Huhtamaki, Inc., De Soto, Kan., to improve its supply chain visibility and network efficiency.

Transplace’s transportation management system (TMS) enables Huhtamaki to automate the daily execution of all transportation activities, including carrier and mode selection, real-time shipment tracking and freight audit and payment.

“From the onset of our partnership, Transplace’s deep industry expertise and innovative logistics solutions have allowed us to gain greater control over our transportation operations, reduce costs and better serve our customers,” says Scott Stuckenschneider, vice president of supply chain, Huhtamaki. “Our collaborative approach and focus on continuous improvement has enabled us to take advantage of Transplace’s full range of best-in-class solutions in order to drive greater financial and service performance improvements across our entire supply chain. It has also allowed us to be more strategic with our long-term planning and keep our supply chain running smoothly when unexpected disruptions occur.”

In addition to the effective management of daily transportation activities, access to Transplace’s technology and transportation network better positions Huhtamaki to identify and execute on optimization opportunities. This includes leveraging Transplace’s Dynamic Continuous Moves solution, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to efficiently create continuous moves, and Transplace’s TransMATCH co-shipping program to consolidate Huhtamaki’s freight with other shippers within the Transplace network.

“Building upon a truly successful partnership of over 10 years, every year we have been able to continuously identify new and innovative opportunities for Huhtamaki to improve its operations as both our relationship and the supply chain landscape evolves,” says Frank McGuigan, chief executive officer, Transplace. “Through our joint commitment to measuring daily performance and utilizing key performance metrics to drive future improvement initiatives, we will continue to build on this strong, collaborative foundation to further enhance supply chain automation, optimization, predictability and visibility for Huhtamaki.”