The new 51R56 vision inspection system from Silgan Equipment, Waukegan, Ill., inspects filled bottles for cocked, loose, skewed and missing caps, damaged or missing tamper-evidence bands and low fill levels.

And, it’s been upgraded to version 51R56G by replacing the previous cameras with high-resolution GigE Flir cameras, and replacing the Windows 7 operating system software with new software operating on Windows 10 to produce higher-resolution images, improve inspection results and process images more quickly.

The vision unit’s multiple cameras conduct 360-degree inspection of passing containers. The vision tunnel is mounted on a stand, and can be quickly raised or lowered as it inspects different height containers.

The system HMI is mounted on a separate stand next to the conveyor, and provides a 15-inch touch screen interface with up to 50 product inspection target configurations and/or jobs in the menu.

The 51R56G can inspect cap sizes from 28-43 mm, and up to 82 mm with changes to camera lenses and lighting. The system also includes an auto configuration teach function to add new target configurations to the menu. Access to the system is password protected.

Options for the 51R56G include a filler-capper tracking system, a choice of pneumatic or soft touch rejectors and a UPS and surge protection package.

Silgan Equipment