Wooster Products, Wooster, Ohio, introduced new NITEGLOW, which features high-quality photoluminescent ideal for exit path markings, steps and landings. 

This 2-stage anti-slip stair nosing meets NYC Local Law 26, 2015 IBC and 2015 IFC code compliance, and is well suited for either new construction or retrofit interior stair applications.   

Heat-treated, corrosion-resistant aluminum substrate and a nearly diamond-hard aluminum oxide filler assures long tread life under heavy pedestrian traffic. Bright photoluminescent epoxy filler is free of hazardous and radioactive substances, and extends uniformly throughout the filler. A high content of aluminum oxide abrasive provides traction and long service life. 

NITEGLOW nosing includes a replaceable anti-slip, abrasive-filled top insert, and a mill finish extruded aluminum base with sure-hold anchor. Optional wood insert keeps aluminum base clean during initial construction.   

Wooster Products