Texas seniors need help, so H-E-B and Favor are taking help to them.

H-E-B, in partnership with Favor Delivery, will launch a simple, low-cost solution that gives seniors access to their very own personal shopper by phone, allowing them to get essential food and supplies delivered to them, while remaining in the comfort and safety of their home. Beginning on Friday, March 20, seniors across Texas, age 60 and older, will be able to place orders with Favor using a curated list of products available from H-E-B.

“We heard from our customers loud and clear, and we’re ready to offer one of the safest, healthiest solutions in the marketplace dedicated to seniors who are worried about going out in public,” said Martin Otto, H-E-B chief operating officer. “Together with Favor, H-E-B is committed to helping Texans get the products they need while slowing the spread of coronavirus in our communities.”

H-E-B and Favor will staff its Senior Support phone line with volunteers from both companies to accept and process orders over the phone from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., seven days a week. To access the Senior Support Line, call 1-833-397-0080. Built by the Favor engineering team, this system allows our company volunteers to process orders remotely from across the state. Seniors can also place their orders on Favor’s website, or by downloading the Favor app and searching for “H-E-B”.

“Through this same-day service, a Favor Runner will personally shop all orders at H-E-B and deliver directly to the customer’s doorstep within just a few hours,” said Jag Bath, Favor chief executive officer and H-E-B chief digital officer. “To further promote social distancing, Runners will leave all orders placed through the Senior Support Line at the customer’s doorstep, eliminating close personal interaction.”

All delivery and service fees are waived for the first 30 days of the program. Further helping Texans, orders will include a $10 tip, which goes entirely to the Favor Runner, who will personally shop and deliver items.

To start, the Senior Shopping Support Line will be available from more than 240 H-E-B locations where Favor operates, with plans to quickly expand this service.

To find out more about the program, visit favordelivery.com/senior.

Compassionate philanthropy

In those areas where the delivery service is not yet available, H-E-B is working directly with local nonprofits to provide support to our most vulnerable neighbors: seniors, children and low-income families. Along with providing innovative solutions to help those in need, H-E-B is dedicated to the communities it serves, recently making a $3 million donation to support Texas nonprofits that provide aid to vulnerable communities and organizations conducting groundbreaking coronavirus research. Additionally, H-E-B delivered 15 truckloads of food and household supplies to Texas food banks.


H-E-B also launched its Texans Helping Texans checkstand donation campaign in all its stores across the state, giving customers the opportunity to support several organizations providing essential services such as United Way, Meals on Wheels and Feeding Texas. Customers can contribute by making monetary donations at the register for $1, $3, or $5.

As schools are closed, events cancelled, and jobs put on pause, H-E-B asks that we all band together as Texans Helping Texans. It’s simple: check on your neighbors, especially our seniors, disabled and low-income families. If you know someone struggling with food, bills, childcare but you’re not in a situation to help, encourage them to call 211 to find someone who can. In times of need, Texans have shown they can unite to do remarkable things.

We are in this as a community — let’s continue working together to help #SlowtheSpreadTexas.

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