The all-hydraulic NuTEC 760H was designed to reduce downtime, minimize maintenance and lower repair costs.  The 760H provides accurate weights, minimum leakage and rapid changeover while processing the toughest, hard to form products.

The NuTEC 760H Rotary Vane Pump Feed System gently portions up to 7000 pounds of product per hour with minimal product working.  A rotating spiral gently moves product toward the rotor.  The Vane Pump feeds directly to the mold plate cavity without product backflow or bridging.

With a 26" usable mold plate width, the 760H uses a variety of mold plate materials to run beef, pork, poultry, fish, veal, lamb or vegetables. Custom mold plates can be designed to your specifications.  Drive speed is adjustable from 15 to 80 strokes/minute.  The mold plates can be changed quickly and easily.

The NuTEC 760H can be sanitized in minutes. The 760H patty former is completely hose-proof for easy wash-down.  An intelligent design enables heavy parts on the machine to simply swing out of the way for speedy clean-up.