Daring Foods,a plant-based chicken producer debuts two new flavors: Lemon & Herb and Cajun. A great way to spice up a plant-based life – Daring pieces are versatile. Experiment with sauteing, frying, wok frying and even grilling. Lemon & Herb and Cajun are available now for $7.99 each at daringfoods.com and at Sprouts Farmers Markets nationwide. 

Each product contains clean ingredients, is gluten-free and Non-GMO, and has 13g of plant protein per serving.

Lemon & Herb
Each bite delivers an herbaceous Mediterranean zing that will transport you and your tastebuds directly to a sunny table on the Amalfi coast. Perfect for putting a plant-based twist on savory Spanish standbys, classic kabobs, and light, bright salads.

Made with a savory seasoning blend straight out of Louisiana—the birthplace of Cajun cuisine—these plant-based pieces bring just the right amount of heat to the party. So the next time you’re dreaming of Fat Tuesday on a Friday night, or simply looking to spice up a recipe, reach for these and make your next dish Dixieland jazz on a plate.

About Daring Foods
How do you make chicken jealous? Simple. You take a few natural, wholesome ingredients and craft them into perfectly textured pieces of plant-based yumminess that look, cook and taste just like the animal-based meat. You can give meatless Mondays a try. Go full-on vegan. Or just part-time vegan. daring makes it easy. It's one small swap for you. One giant leap towards eating, feeling, and treating the planet better.