Apex Motion Control and Unifiller have collaborated to create an autonomous workstation for the production of single-serve desserts like muffins. By combining Unifiller’s MultiStation Depositor with Apex’s Baker-Bot, these two machines are able to load pans onto a conveyor, deposit batter, then move pans back onto a rack without any stress.

To make this possible, Apex’s Baker-Bot first grabs a pan from a sheet pan rack or a stack of trays, then this cobot loads it onto the MultiStation Depositor’s conveyor belt. Unifiller’s MultiStation system then uses auto-conveyor height detection to raise the conveyor belt as needed, so the batter can be accurately deposited into the tray. Once the pan is filled with batter, the Baker-Bot quickly grabs that tray, then depending on your setup, it either places it back into the sheet pan rack where it came from, or it places the pan onto a separate rack entirely. This unique collaboration allows bakers to automate this part of the single-serve dessert production process, giving employees the necessary free time to focus on other valuable tasks.