Indian food producer Aliya’s Foods has recently launched a hot new rebrand for its line, Chef Bombay, that is geared at attracting attention in the freezer aisle and commemorating 20 years in business. As Canada’s largest exporter of Indian food, their wide range of products brings high quality ingredients and unique spice blends to both classic dishes and innovative new favorites.

“Chef Bombay represents our family’s favorite dishes and our commitment to high-quality products. We use only all-natural ingredients with no additives or colors. Our new packaging will grab consumer attention and set us apart in the freezer aisle,” says Noorudin Jiwani, co-founder, Chef Bombay.

Chef Bombay’s new packaging breathes a fresh and unflinching vibrancy with graphic photography to grab consumer attention. The redesign remains true to the family-run brand, showcasing recipes they are proud to serve at home every day; the line of products still represents some of the Jiwani family’s favorite dishes made with only high quality, natural ingredients but better demonstrates to consumers what sets Chef Bombay apart in the freezer aisle. It's a youthful, energetic, and modern take on Indian cuisine.

“Chef Bombay’s brand refresh is our latest move to communicate the quality of our products. We’re excited to attract consumer attention with bright colors and punchy design. We want to bring our family’s favorite dishes to American tables and our new look is a strategic move to inspire consumers will give us a try if they haven’t before,” says Khadija Jiwani, marketing and strategy, Chef Bombay.