Designed and built for processors, Hollymatic’s Double Chamber and Floor Model Vacuum Packaging Machines feature stainless steel construction, state-of-the-art technology, high quality Busch vacuum pumps and heavy-duty reinforced chambers. The combination of intelligent engineering and robust durability makes these machines ideally suited for processing environments.

Easy to clean and built to last, these Double Chamber and Floor Model Vacuum Packaging Machines feature simple, fast operation with user-friendly touch pads. Innovative sensor controls provide features that facilitate production and allow for the very best appearance of finished packages.

Hollymatic offers this equipment in four floor model sizes:

            The Marlin 52 Floor Model – 2 @ 20.5” Seal Bar

            The Polar 2-75 Double Chamber – 2 @ 24.4” Seal Bar

            The Polar 2-85 Double Chamber – 2 @ 33” Seal Bar

            The Polar 2-95 Double Chamber – 2 @ 43.3” Seal Bar

They all include a red meat program, ten-program storage, soft aeration, pump condition program and gate system check. Options include gas flush, ACS (20 program storage), printer labeling, liquid control, cut-off seal and high lid (only on the Polar 2-85).

Hollymatic also sells tabletop units. All machines are designed and constructed to adhere to the strict hygienic requirements of the food industry.