Little Spoon, the national brand best known for direct-to-consumer baby food, is continuing its mission to make parents’ lives easier with its newest product launch, Little Spoon Plates. Just in time for one of the most unusual back to school seasons ever, new Little Spoon Plates are a reinvention of healthy, nutritious, ready to heat-and-eat meals, built with the highest quality ingredients for eaters from 1-10 years old.

As parents enter the school year, they face unique challenges — dual remote work alongside virtual-schooling, continued lack of childcare, and rising social issues to explain to their impressionable children. It’s clear parents need ONE THING off their very long to-do lists, but preservative-filled low-quality grocery store options won’t cut it for millennial parents. Plates are indeed a win-win, meals your kid will love, with the ease, high standards, and price point parents need. Little Spoon Plates will be available to order online and shipped right to your door, starting at just under $5 a meal, an unmatched price point given the high quality of these dishes. Plates will launch with over 15 different recipes — from familiar favorites to more adventurous eats—with a focus on seasonal, local, and organic ingredients wherever possible.

Little Spoon was founded on the belief that keeping your children healthy and well-nourished shouldn’t come at the sacrifice of parents’ other endless responsibilities. Upon recognizing the lack of clean, fresh, and organic options readily available in the baby food space, Little Spoon launched their first product, Babyblends, back in late 2017. They quickly sold over 1 million meals in year one and amassed a passionate, engaged following of parents, now comprising the rapidly growing community on Little Spoon’s millennial parenting platform, Is This Normal. Little Spoon doesn’t believe parents should have to choose between what’s easy, affordable, and healthy for their little ones. This means you’ll never find preservatives, artificial sugars, GMO’s, or heavily processed ingredients in their products. Little Spoon believes that quality nutritious products should be accessible to all Americans, and works tirelessly with farmers and partners to offer affordable price points.

“Our focus is to make it easier for parents to keep their kids healthy without breaking the bank or sacrificing hours of critical time each day. There aren’t enough resources for this generation of parents in normal times — add to this a global pandemic, and we have millions of parents struggling each day. By launching Plates early, we hope to make this time easier for our community,” says Little Spoon’s co-founders, Lisa Barnett, Angela Vranich, Michelle Muller & Ben Lewis.

Plus, Little Spoon has decided to make mealtime even more fun by offering a line of nutritious, handmade veggie-packed sauces. The Sauce Box includes a pack of 3 dips available to purchase as an add-on to Plates for $2.99 each and features Soy Glaze, Veggie Ketchup, Creamy Dill Ranch, Avocado Crema, and Honey Mustard. In addition to Plates and The Sauce Box, Little Spoon continues to offer Babyblends, their line of fresh baby food, and Boosters, powder-based vitamins, probiotics, and natural remedies to help support your child’s health.

About Little Spoon

Little Spoon, a direct-to-consumer brand, is on a mission to make parents’ lives easier by creating high-quality, healthy food and nutrition solutions for children that are accessible and affordable. Little Spoon has an unwavering promise to use the highest quality ingredients and offer a commitment to transparency by working with experts to build nutrition solutions to help set up your child for a lifetime of health. Every one of Little Spoon’s products, from Babyblends to Boosters to Plates, has been expertly crafted with nutrition and taste at the forefront. Little Spoon doesn’t just create solutions that give parents more bandwidth— they’re working to break the taboos that cause the guilt, loneliness, and feelings of inadequacy in the first place. They
recently launched Is This Normal, a parenting community and platform dedicated to breaking down parenting walls with real, unfiltered conversations. Celebrity fans and investors include Serena Williams, the San Francisco 49ers, Maren Morris, Rebecca Minkoff, DJ Hapa, Daniella Monet, Jamie Lynn Spears, Alanis Morisette, Brandi Sellerz-Jackson, former NFL quarterback, Tony Romo, singer, songwriter and actress from 3LW, Naturi Cora Maria Naughton , and more.