The Violife EPIC Dairy Free Festive Platter includes three delicious blocks, each free from common allergens (like dairy, nuts, soy, lactose and gluten), so you can treat everyone this holiday season – no matter what their dietary preference or requirements.

Violife’s EPIC platter is a trilogy of tantalizing flavors; the first EPIC block in the platter is EPIC Mature Cheddar flavor. This vegan-cheese is deliciously crumbly, with the taste and texture of aged cheddar. A staple on any festive platter, the EPIC Mature Cheddar flavor block makes a great snack straight out the pack and also transforms your meals when melted into your favorite dish.

Next up is the EPIC Smoked Cheddar flavor block. With a mellow and nostalgic smoky flavor, its distinct taste is perfect paired with wine as a pre, or post- dinner treat!

And, we saved the best for last. The EPIC Garlic & Chilli Cheddar flavor block is perfect for anyone who likes a spicy kick!  Specially curated using an enticing mix of garlic and chilli, this block packs an EPIC punch and is a perfect addition to any festive cheeseboard. Pair with freshly baked bread and dill pickles for a delicious snack.

The limited-edition Violife EPIC Dairy Free Festive Platter (MSRP $10.99-$11.99) will be available at select Wegman’s, Giant, Gelson’s and Market of Choice, starting November 10.