Caribé Juice, maker of cold-pressed, HPP'd Caribbean fruit and veggie juices, has acquired WTRMLN WTR, maker of watermelon juice sourced from "ugly fruit", typically discarded by the food industry.

WTRMLN WTR and Caribé Juice have been running parallel paths in the cold-pressed, HPP’d juice world since 2013 and are aligned in the drive to provide clean healthy beverages to people who would not otherwise have access. Both WTRMLN WTR and Caribé Juice abide by a credo where social responsibility leads and they both have a mission to give back. 


WTRMLN WTR was founded in 2013 on a mission to do good, upcycle wasted watermelons, and educate about the importance of clean food. This mission is the heart of what recruited superstars like Beyonce Knowles Carter, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Michael Strahan, Tony Robbins and more to the company investor roster. Solis and the Caribé Juice team are committed to maintaining this meaningful commitment.