Ramar Foods announces the launch of chicken inasal under the Magnolia brand to be available in different Asian grocery outlets by the end of the year. ​

Chicken Inasal is a marinated chicken inspired by the popular grilled chicken originating from Bacolod City Philippines. The term “inasal” means to “roast” or “chargrilled” marinated with a mixture of ingredients and spices typically served with rice and vinegar. Magnolia Chicken Inasal will be ready to grill or bake for families in the community to enjoy. 

“We were so excited to launch this product that we had to accelerate the process due to the growing demand for prepared meats in the CPG category,” says Gabe Querian, Marketing Manager of Ramar Foods.

Ramar boasts its commitment to produce frozen meat products with authentic flavors to bring Filipino families in the diaspora a taste of home. “In the many years I've worked for Ramar Foods, we have always prioritized authentic flavor and premium quality in all of our products," says Rommel Catanghal, Ramar’s Dairy Assistant Operations Manager and a Bacolod native. 

In the coming weeks, Ramar will be rolling out these products in several Asian stores within the United States. Consumers will be able to enjoy this grilled chicken favorite at home when products become available both in store and online at www.cravefilipino.com. 

Magnolia Chicken Inasal is made from high-quality ingredients, made locally at Pittsburg, California. Through several research and development processes, Ramar came up with the product line in response to the growing popularity of Chicken Inasal. This product is looking to make chicken inasal readily available for families to enjoy.

About Ramar Foods

​Founded in 1969, Ramar's goal is to bring the flavors of the Philippines to your household. Ramar foods is committed to manufacturing your favorite frozen Filipino food products. Ramar’s success for 50 years of experience in the industry is attributed to its people, its deep relationship with the Filipino diaspora and a commitment to understanding what brings satisfaction to Filipino families. During their first years, they started with a vision of being the premier Filipino food company that will bring nostalgia to Filipino households and at the same time, give a snapshot of the Filipino experience to non-Filipinos all over the world. Today, we have grown to be America's #1 Filipino Food company serving communities across North America and beyond. Continuously being family owned and operated, they commit to nourishing our community through its legacy of family food products.