Ramar Foods' premium brand, Magnolia, continues to grow with its new line of dim sum and BBQ meats. The new line is available in the frozen aisle of various Asian grocery stores.

The new line of dim sum and BBQ meats will include a variety of Filipino household favorites:

  • Siopao: Restaurant quality and Chinoy style steamed buns, in both pork and chicken asado.
  • Siomai: Restaurant-sized Chinoy style pork and chicken dumplings.
  • Sisig: Filipino stir-fried pork with chicken liver, perfect with freshly squeezed lemon.
  • BBQ Skewers: BBQ Skewers in a Filipino-style marinade. Available in pork and chicken.

The Philippines is distinguished as Asia's melting pot with the uniqueness and variety of food. With the new launch, families in the diaspora will taste Filipino-style dim sum and bbq. Ramar Foods continues to nourish and provide frozen Filipino meat products with authentic flavors to families in the diaspora. Magnolia Siopao and Siomai are restaurant quality and size, with authentic Filipino flavors.

"I would say that Filipino cuisine is greatly influenced by Chinese, but they made a twist to the recipes to make it more suitable to the Filipino palate," says Mary Jane Ali, a Representative from Ramar Foods. "Philippine dim sum has a different flavor profile from Chinese dim sum."

Ramar Foods' premium brand Magnolia will also be launching a new line of BBQ meats alongside the dim sum. Grilling Filipino BBQ meats is thought to bring families together to celebrate life and each other. Perfect for any family gathering, the Magnolia BBQ Skewers and Sisig will be ready to cook.

"One of my favorite products we sell. They are great for the game-day Sunday and always heavily requested by family & friends at the BBQ," says Brett Kuntz, a Representative from Ramar Foods.

Magnolia's new line of dim sum and BBQ meats is locally made in Pittsburg, CA, and is available in the frozen section of various Asian grocery stores.

About Ramar Foods

Over 50 years in business, Ramar Foods continues to strive to be the #1 Filipino Food company in the USA. Ramar's mission is to shape a legacy of food products that nourish culture and community while making a positive impact on the environment.

About Magnolia

Magnolia is Ramar's premium, and #1 trusted Filipino brand for over 44 years in the USA. The Magnolia promise is to make, distribute and sell the finest quality frozen products with a continued commitment to incorporating wholesome ingredients and creating innovative products that connect and create value for our community, employees, and partners.