Tofurky, Hood River, Ore., is branching out from its plant-based “meats” with a new line of plant-based, dairy-free frozen cheesecakes under the Moocho brand.

Tofurky also plans to relaunch its frozen Tofurky Pockets line as the latest addition to its plant-based “meat” portfolio. Expo attendees are invited to booth #1114 to sample both Moocho

Moocho Cheesecakes by Tofurky come in Triple Berry Swirl, New York Style Vanilla and Chocolate varieties, and will be available in select natural and conventional retailers starting in May for a suggested retail price of $3.99 for a single-serve unit; multi-pack units will also be available.

“After including a plant-based espresso cheesecake in our limited-edition holiday feast kits this past year, we received overwhelming feedback from consumers and retailers asking to include the product in chilled bakery and frozen dessert cases year-round,” says Jaime Athos, chief executive officer. “After revisiting the branding, pack and recipe, Moocho Cheesecakes were born. We have called the sub-brand Moocho because we felt a creamy, sweet product like cheesecake would be better suited to dairy-inspired branding than the savory, protein-anchored Tofurky brand.”

In tandem, frozen Tofurky Pockets will come in Ham & Cheddar, Turk’y, Broccoli & Cheddar and Pepp’ronni Pizza, alongside a reformulated recipe and packaging to better position the produce like a hearty calzone. Pockets will be available in select natural and conventional retailers beginning in the spring for a suggested retail price of $2.99.

“Pockets have been in development for several years,” says Athos. “With our recent double-digit year-over-year growth, we had to prioritize production to core existing product lines, but are very excited to be bringing this line to market nationally now.”

The Moocho cheesecakes and Tofurky Pockets are 100% non-GMO and use organic, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.