Kreider Farms, a Central Pennsylvania producer of milk, ice cream, eggs, and more, has launched a Cage Free Hemp Egg as a line extension of Chiques Creek which is produced at their plants in Lancaster County. The Chiques Creek brand currently offers a unique line of hemp iced teas which are available at Giant, Weis and Rutter's stores with more retailers added to the their website daily.

Chiques Creek Hemp Eggs are nutrient-rich brown eggs from cage free birds fed a specially formulated all-vegetarian, nutrient-packed diet consisting of 20% hemp seed meal which results in higher nutrient values and more omega-3 compared to a standard egg. Chiques Creek flocks are also American Humane certified, ensuring that their cage-free birds are raised humanely, without antibiotics.

By feeding hens a nutrient-packed diet, the benefits are passed along through their eggs resulting in more nutrients compared to a standard egg including:

More than 3x more Omega-3 – strengthens bones and promotes heart health

20% more Lutein – results in richer colored yolks and promotes healthy eyes

4x more Vitamin D – results in stronger shells and promotes muscle and bone development

2x more Vitamin B12 – keeps you energized

Excellent Source of: Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Biotin, Choline, and Selenium

"We are very excited to introduce our amazing Chiques Creek Hemp Eggs to grocery stores in America," says Ron Kreider, President and CEO of Kreider Farms. "Our Lancaster farming heritage dates back to the 1700's when our colonial ancestors began growing hemp for food, clothing, rope, paper and canvas for Conestoga Wagons.   Kreider Farms is proud to re-introduce the wonderful and diverse benefits of hemp agriculture to the modern world here in the United States."

About Chiques Creek

The name Chiques Creek was inspired by the local creek that runs through Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and celebrates the contributions to our ancestors to the hemp industry during colonial times. Chiques Creek is leading the way in welcoming the revitalization of hemp agriculture in Lancaster County and beyond.