As the cold food and beverage industry begins to finalize end-of-year plans and establish goals for 2018, here’s a rundown of some exciting editorial and advertising opportunities available at Refrigerated & Frozen Foods, online, in print and in our e-newsletter, What’s Hot in Cold.

Foodservice Distributor of the Year. New to our roster of cover stories and awards is the Foodservice Distributor of the Year, which honors a foodservice distributor for its year-over-year carbon footprint reduction, including significant supply chain carbon reduction, optimizing a supply chain network, enhancing logistics and transportation models or increasing “green” awareness through internal corporate sustainability programs.

Cutting-edge trends. Hiring and retaining skilled workforce, how to obtain an approved supplier program, food safety best practices in ready-to-eat plants, basics of wastewater treatment, blockchain technology, food safety crisis communication planning, going solar and a special report on lift trucks and racking systems are just a snapshot of some of the topics we’ll be covering in 2018. Go to to access our 2018 editorial calendar and other media planning materials.

Weekly e-newsletter. Beginning Jan. 3, 2018, our What’s Hot in Cold e-newsletter will deploy weekly vs. monthly.

Sponsorships. We offer sponsorship opportunities for cover stories, sections of our State of the Industry report, special reports and even departmental topics, such as food safety, supply chain and logistics and energy management.

Expert columns. This editorial opportunity provides a voice for industry experts to discuss problem-solving solutions impacting the cold food and beverage industry. Go to to learn more about how this works.

Trade education. Our customized trade education pieces provide a platform for suppliers to educate customers and prospects on the many unique qualities of their solutions and services. Check out to learn more about how this works and flip through digital versions we’ve created for ESI Group, Remco Products, Lineage Logistics and more.

There’s no shortage of opportunity to work together and share your story with our readers. So, don’t hesitate to reach out with ideas, press releases, feedback and more.