Here Are 10 things I’m thankful for in the cold food and beverage market:

1. Packaging. Steam-cook bags, resealable lids, sustainable packaging, man, packaging just doesn’t get any better than this. From easy-to-prepare meal solutions and mix-and-match kits to grab-and-go options and anything that cooks in under 5 minutes, thank you to those behind these packaging innovations, designed to make the average consumers’ lives a bit easier.

2. Nutrition. For so many years, frozen foods received a bad rap. But, working in the food industry gives me the upper hand as a consumer to know that frozen foods is back. From protein-packed options to cauliflower crust pizza to freshly picked produce, today’s offerings deliver more than just a convenience factor. Thank you to the industry for taking the initiative to ensure products are made from humanely raised animals, and so on.

3. Innovation. From incubators to hubs, this industry is taking innovation to a whole new level.

4. Technology. Internet of Things, cloud-based solutions, blockchain and other technological advancements continue to move the industry forward, providing farm-to-fork traceability. It’s these technologies that eventually end up protecting plants, products and people.

5. Tradeshows. Let’s face it, walking and/or exhibiting at a tradeshow is exhausting. But, it gives me and many others in the industry a platform to network, meet in person and see products and equipment in action. Don’t forget to swing by our booth at any of the upcoming shows.

6. Social media. It’s social media that allows myself and other publications to share articles about some of the industry’s most coveted players.

7. Women. The cold storage and logistics industry isn’t what it used to be, as more and more women begin to enter the industry with fresh ideas, strength to innovate and the power to bring companies to the next level.

8. Customers. Thank you to our customers for your business. Thank you to my contacts for sending me press releases and story ideas. Thank you for joining me on the journey that is Refrigerated & Frozen Foods.

9. Family. Special thank you to my family who supports my career, and shares me with my other family (all of you).

10. Freedom. What separates our country from the rest of the world is our freedom—freedom of speech, freedom of the press and best of all, freedom to eat what we want, when we want. Thank you to the men and women who fight, so that we can maintain these and other freedoms.