When my 8-year-old daughter came home from school yesterday, she explained about how a firefighter came to their school to discuss fire safety. She then explained that one of her “BFFs” wants to be a firefighter when she gets older because “she wants to be a hero.”

We then spent about 5 minutes talking about the different heroes in the world and their jobs. Doctors, nurses, teachers, police, firemen, blue-collar workers, the men and women in uniform who serve our country, the list goes on—all heroes.

She then asked me if there are heroes in my work. Kids always ask the darndest questions, don’t they?! But, in this case, yes, in fact, there are many heroes in my work.

It takes a lot of people from a lot of different parts of the country to put quality, safe, healthy, delicious food on the table for you and your families.

Farmers, processors, equipment manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, packagers, cold storage providers, transportation providers, supply chain folks, incubators, investors, grocery retailers, line operators, food safety techs, design-build firms, fleet managers, port operators, distributors, warehousing, scientists, chefs, executives, energy management specialists, inventors, creators, thinkers, believers, entrepreneurs, everyone involved from farm to fork—they’re all heroes.

I tell my kids, heroes don’t always wear capes. Sometimes heroes don’t even like to be seen or heard.

A hero is just about the doing the right. It’s about being a good person. It’s about helping others in their time of need. It’s about making the planet a better place.

I’ve been an editor in the food and beverage world for close to 13 years now. Back then, it was just about who can create the next best thing. Today, it’s about who can create the next best thing that also protects the planet, fulfills a niche and solves a problem, all while appealing to the every consumer.

So, to the heroes of the cold food and beverage industry, thank you.

Thank you for incorporating the checks and balances necessary to ensure your food is safe. Thank you for developing new and innovative products, packed with nutrition, vitamins and flavor. Thank you for always putting consumers first.

This Thanksgiving, and all the days ahead, be sure to thank someone involved in the cold chain and processing industry, as without these superheroes, we may not be able to enjoy the luxuries of quality, safe, nutritious food this holiday season.