Valpizza’s SuperNapoli line of frozen pizza is rooted in the Italian pizzeria tradition, with the purpose of keeping its main features intact: traditional Italian hand-stretching of natural leavened dough, wood firing and stone baking, attention to ingredients using only 100% Italian tomato sauce and flours from 100% Italian grains, the goal to enhance the pizza making art and the authentic Italian aromatic profile. The high biga percentage we use for the dough allows our pizzaioli to obtain a perfect Neapolitan-style pizza: thin in the middle but with the traditional high and rustic edge. Valpizza’s unique manufacturing process produces a lighter and more satisfying pizza. Flavors include: Cheese Pizza, Margherita with Cherry Tomatoes & Mozzarella Pearls, Buffalo Mozzarella with Pesto & Cherry Tomatoes, 4 Cheese, and Grilled Veggies. The entire range is also available in organic versions.

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