Spring into the new season, full of warmer weather and new recipes in Tasteful Selections second quarter of the “It’s the Little Things” Campaign. Continuing to enjoy the little wins, the little celebrations and the little things that help you get through each day; Tasteful Selections is taking the time to enjoy.

“Our campaign was inspired by our employees, essential workers of all kinds, communities who banded together and — of course — our small, bite-size potatoes,” said Tim Huffcutt, Vice president of Sales & Marketing Operations. “In the second quarter of this campaign, we can really enjoy the operations that make our business a cohesive unit. We have a wonderful staff harvesting fresh bite-size potatoes that will soon be enjoyed at the table of our consumers. Although small, that is something to celebrate. We want to continue to acknowledge and celebrate all the little things people do on a daily basis to forge ahead and embrace life.”

As part of the second quarter of the campaign, Tasteful Selections will have more prize giveaways and new opportunities for consumers to win free potatoes. In addition, more inspirational content including new recipes and meal prep videos will be released to inspire and for sharing with others.

On the first Friday of every month, Tasteful Selections will feature consumer-made Tasteful Selections bite-size potato recipes.

By tagging Tasteful Selections on Instagram, consumers’ bite-size potato recipes can be featured on the Tasteful Selections website, social pages and win free potatoes in the newest potato giveaway, #FanFeatureFriday.

Take time to celebrate the little things with Tasteful Selections! For more details, visit Promotions.TastefulSelections.com.

About Tasteful Selections

Tasteful Selections is a vertically integrated family-owned collection of farms — pioneering and leading the bite-size potato category. To ensure their high standards of quality, flavor and freshness, Tasteful Selections owns and operates the entire process of planting, growing, harvesting and packaging. Field to fork fresh in every bite.

About RPE

Category leader RPE is a grower/shipper of year-round potatoes and onions, providing category innovation and retail solutions as the exclusive sales and marketing partner of Tasteful Selections and its best quality, bite-size potatoes.