LALA is bringing home the authentic taste of Mexico with the introduction of three types of artisan cheese -- Queso Fresco, Queso Panela and Queso Oaxaca. The new additions to the LALA brand of fresh dairy products are now available in Fiesta Mart grocery stores and El Rancho Supermercardo stores throughout Texas and international specialty markets in the Chicago area.

“These new artisan queso products bring a fresh and authentic taste to family dishes and meals - connecting to the past while carrying traditions into the future,” said Jorge Ramos, CEO of LALA U.S. “LALA is committed to providing authentic, nourishing and high-quality products. Each queso aligns with that mission and complements our strong store presence in yogurts and sour creams.”

Gluten-free and made with fresh Grade A milk, each Mexican cheese brings out the flavor in traditional dishes:

  • LALA Queso Fresco is a fresh and delicious artisan cheese. With five grams of protein per serving, it can be crumbled on tacos, over beans and rice, and enchiladas.
  • LALA Queso Panela is a fresh, smooth and delicious artisan cheese with five grams of protein per serving. Also known as basket cheese, it is perfect fried, grilled or sliced for sandwiches or salads.
  • LALA Queso Oaxaca is a fresh, semi-soft artisan cheese that is similar to mozzarella. Queso Oaxaca is authentically made into a long rope and wound into a knot following the traditional technique. Perfect for serving sliced, shredded or melted, this cheese provides seven grams of protein in each serving.

As an added benefit for retailers, the products feature bilingual labeling, shelf-ready secondary packaging and in-store creative to support sales. 

About LALA

Based in Dallas, LALA U.S., Inc. produces and distributes a wide variety of dairy-based products throughout the United States. Nationally distributed products include LALA-branded yogurt smoothies, yogurts, crema Mexicana, and milk. Milk and other dairy-based products are also sold under well-known brands including Promised Land, Nordica, Frusion and Skim Plus. LALA U.S., Inc. is a subsidiary of Grupo LALA, a leading international foods company, with significant operations in Mexico, Brazil, United States, and Central America.