Good Karma Foods, a pioneering brand offering plant-based milk and dairy alternatives, today announced the launch of Plantmilk. A blend of oat, flax and peas, Plantmilk is a new kind of milk that combines the very best plant-based ingredients to deliver the creaminess and great nutrition non-dairy milk consumers desire. Looking to accelerate growth in the year ahead, Good Karma also celebrates the rollout of a brand refresh, a new direct-to-consumer website and an expanded leadership team.

Plant-based milk grew 20% in dollar sales in 2020, twice as fast as dairy milk, and is now purchased by 39% of U.S. households. The category reached $2.5 billion in 2020, and is likely to double in size in the next five years. Amidst this growth, however, non-dairy consumers continue to seek innovation that better delivers against the taste and nutrition of dairy milk. 

According to research conducted by Good Karma, taste remains the top factor when making a plant-based milk purchasing decision. Furthermore, many plant-based purchasers are looking for more nutrition than their single-source milks - almond, soy, oat - can provide, demonstrating a need for a nutritiously-rich solution, in addition to improved flavor. When presented with the Good Karma Plantmilk concept, over two-thirds of non-dairy milk purchasers indicated they’d likely purchase this newest offering from the brand.

“We believe in foods and beverages that are nutritious and delicious and let plants shine,” said Doug Radi, CEO of Good Karma Foods. “By blending the best of oats, peas and flax in our Plantmilk, we’ve introduced an alternative to alternative milks that’s creamier, delicious and nutritious. Put simply, it’s the cream of the crops.” 

A feel-good blend of oat, flax and peas, Plantmilk has all the creaminess of 2% milk, plus 5x more protein than almond milk, 800mg of Omega-3’s, and just the right amount of sweetness. Plantmilk is also free of all major allergens, in line with all other offerings from Good Karma. And Plantmilk is made with ingredients that protect the planet with every pour - oats, flax and peas are environmentally-friendly ingredients that require less water to grow than almonds. Good Karma Plantmilk comes in refrigerated 59oz cartons (MSRP - $4.99) in three family-friendly flavors - Original, Vanilla and Chocolate. Visit the Store Finder on the Good Karma website to find local availability. 

Meet the New Good Karma

In addition to the innovative introduction of Plantmilk, this month Good Karma will launch a new direct-to-consumer website as part of its distribution expansion to new and alternative channels, and beginning this summer will refresh its entire portfolio with a cleaner and benefits-forward new packaging design. 

Consumers spent more than $860 billion online with U.S. retailers in 2020, according to Gartner, up 44% from 2019. In response to this exciting growth, Good Karma this week has launched a new website and ecommerce platform. The new direct-to-consumer site features the brand’s shelf-stable Flaxmilk options, and will quickly expand with other offerings throughout 2021, including two shelf-stable Plantmilk flavors. Additionally, Good Karma has looked to other emerging channels to expand distribution, including adding offerings on its Amazon store, and establishing partnerships with new and emerging direct-to-consumer platforms that will be announced later this year.

The Good Karma brand refresh rolling out in the coming months mirrors the new Plantmilk carton design, which will better pop on the shelf and attract the millennial mom striving to improve her health and find what is truly more nutritious for her family. As part of the refreshed design, the new milk packaging will also carry the The Detox Project’s Glyphosate Residue Free certification badge. While Good Karma has always focused on sustainable sourcing for good environmental karma, the brand sought out the Detox Project’s Glyphosate Residue Free certification as a way to provide families added reassurance that they can enjoy Good Karma products without the worry of ingesting harmful herbicides.

“Our mission hasn’t changed, but we’re refreshing the Good Karma brand to celebrate our joyful and optimistic outlook, while inviting shoppers to join us in doing good, for the betterment of our bodies and the planet,” continued Radi.

Directing Good Karma’s increased innovation and distribution is an expanded leadership team that now includes Sarah Meis, senior vice president of marketing, who most recently led marketing and innovation at Lily’s, and David Forchione, senior vice president of sales, who joined the team from Farmhouse Culture. 

About Good Karma Foods

Our plant based products blend the best of the best plant based ingredients for superior taste and nutrition. We believe little acts of good add up to happy hearts and warm smiles. That good food fuels good people, creating better communities and a brighter tomorrow. And, we believe in food that is nutritious and delicious and lets plants shine. It’s not just karmically good, it’s the Cream of the Crops. Let’s do good.