Julian’s Recipe, authentic European wafel and artisan bread company, has created a Country-Style Baguette with an indulgent truffle butter flavor. This new product is a European bakery baguette, made by master bakers, and ready to eat in as few as twelve minutes in the oven.

Julian’s Recipe Country-Style Truffle Butter Baguette is non-GMO and available in the freezer section at Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme, Harris Teeter, and other national grocers for an SRP of $4.49.

In addition to rich flavor, Julian’s Recipe Truffle Butter baguette is non-GMO and indulgent without the high cost. The taste of real butter-infused black truffles mingles delicately within the full-bodied bread. The new product comes at a perfect time, as seasonal grilling is well under way, and the baguettes heat perfectly on the grill.

“Our new baguette line makes the indulgent flavor of black truffle accessible for every consumer,” shares Alex Dzieduszycki, Founder and CEO of Julian’s Recipe. “Once our consumers taste the flavor of our Country Style Truffle Butter Baguette, they wonder where this product was all their lives. We make European bakery bread quick, simple, and delicious.”

Julian’s Recipe is known for the delicious Old World, Belgian-style Wafels and European Baguettes. The new Cauli-Wafel line allows the brand to reach a new demographic and has attributes that the health-conscious community has not yet found within the waffle category.

About Julian’s Recipe

Julian’s Recipe is the latest initiative from Alex Dzieduszycki, a European trained New York Chef and co-founder of Terra Chips, and founder of Alexia Foods. Julian’s Recipe is a family affair stemming from authentic Euro-centric recipe inspiration from the founder, Alex’s lineage. Julian’s Recipe is named after Alex’s son, Julian. The company creates authentic Old-World style wafels, artisanal breads and filled pretzel sticks. By creating these European-style pastries and delicacies, Julian’s Recipe brings authentic European creations to the masses. It is said that by honoring the past, we shape the future. And that is how Julian’s Recipe was born.