When sisters Mafe and Coco moved to the U.S. from Venezuela, something was missing that they just couldn’t live without: arepas, a gluten-free cornmeal toast alternative. Thus, began their journey to offer this staple to those wishing to bring the traditional flavors of Venezuelan culture to their home. Thicker than a tortilla, arepas are made from a pre-cooked cornmeal flour called Masarepa. They’re lightly cooked in a griddle until crispy on the outside yet still soft on the inside. Arepas are then filled or topped after cooking.

TOAST-IT is the result of the duo's hard work and efforts to bring ready-to-eat arepas (pronounced AH-RE-PAHS) made with the highest quality ingredients to the U.S. The brand offers original and chia flaxseed options that are a healthy alternative to crackers, bagels, and bread for any meal of the day. A traditional arepa takes a significant time to make. With TOAST-IT, simply take it out of the freezer and toast for five minutes and you’re ready to go! It’s all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and guilt-free! Top, fill or spread them with your favorite toppings such as cheese, ham, or avocado. The possibilities are endless.

TOAST-IT has arrived just in time for holiday celebrations with variety bundles for gift-giving. Try each of the two arepa flavors in a decorative basket (pick your color: white, grey or beige) which includes a matching embroidered napkin to serve and keep the arepas warm on the table. Prices range from $30.99 to $50.99

Original Toasted Corn Arepas

A buttery flavor that’s thin and crispy on the outside

No preservatives, gluten-free, dairy-free, no sugar added

A great bread substitute similar to toast

Top, fill or spread them with anything you can like 

Keep frozen for up to 4 months

Ingredients: white cornmeal, water, Himalayan pink salt, extra virgin oil

Price: $7.99 (8 count)

Chia Flaxseed Arepas

Provides an extra kick of fiber and protein while still being delicious

Extra crunchy taste

Simply pop from the toaster and you’re ready to go

Ingredients: white cornmeal, water, chia seeds, flax seeds, Himalayan pink salt, extra virgin oil

Price: $7.99 (8 count)


When two sisters decided to embark on an exciting adventure and move to the U.S., little did they know at the time they’d be starting a new business that brings their Venezuelan cuisine to their new adopted home. The duo missed the time-honored tradition of eating arepas every day, but they didn’t have the time to cook them. When they couldn’t find a convenient and healthy alternative, they created one. Five years later, TOAST-IT was born, the first ready-to-eat arepa on the market using top quality healthy ingredients. As Latinas, they’re proud of their heritage and love to share the best of their culture with millions of people while advocating for a healthy lifestyle.