Bell & Evans has launched two premium, pre-seasoned fresh ground chicken products: Tacos de México and Herbs D’Italia, available now to select, partner Bell & Evans retailers. Both new Bell & Evans ready-to-cook, pre-seasoned ground chicken products are made from 100% dark meat and seasoned with premium quality spices, saving your consumers thought and time during meal prep.

Tacos de México is seasoned with a spice blend that includes chili pepper, cumin, black pepper, and oregano, perfect for tacos, chili, dip, and so many additional Mexican-influenced and other recipes. Herbs D’Italia includes spices like garlic, basil, thyme, and oregano, also versatile for a myriad of dishes. Ground chicken makes the perfect substitute for a higher fat protein in any recipe. Both products are allergen free.

The new pre-seasoned ground chicken products are an expansion to Bell & Evans’ very successful fresh ground chicken line that includes Ground Organic Blend, 100% Ground Breast Meat, and 100% Ground Leg Meat.

In the six months from concept to launch, Bell & Evans tested 20 spice variations within six flavor profiles to narrow down the two winning custom spice blends in this line extension. The process involved vigorous sourcing of spices and testing to meet the quality standards of Bell & Evans and achieve the desired flavors. Additionally, ground white and dark meat chicken combinations were tested, and 100% dark meat delivered the richest flavor for the base of the new seasoned items.

With this launch, Bell & Evans introduced a new, smaller vacuum-sealed tray for its entire ground chicken line. The smaller tray contains 1 lb. of ground chicken, taking up 35% less space in the retail case, allowing Bell & Evans customers to offer multiple Bell & Evans ground chicken products to consumers. The trays nest together neatly when stacked and freeze well, offering additional benefits to consumers. The vacuum seal maintains product freshness and helps draw the seasoning all the way through the meat for exceptional flavor. The trays are BPA free, recyclable and do not contain a “diaper” thanks to 100% Air Chill processing. The packaging quality matches the product quality, a priority for Bell & Evans.

Several high-end independent and small chain retailers across the country have already started to carry Tacos de México and Herbs D’Italia ground chicken products in stores. Several Whole Foods Market regions will begin to carry the products in May.

About Bell & Evans

Bell & Evans is a 5th generation family-owned business that dates back to 1894 as the oldest branded chicken company in America. We produce only premium Raised Without Antibiotics, 100% Air Chilled chicken with nearly 50% organic production. Our comprehensive animal welfare standards set the industry standard. We own the world’s first organic certified, animal-welfare-focused Hatchery and are building the most state-of-the-art chicken harvesting facility in the world.