Julian’s Recipe, LLC, a European-inspired gourmet waffle, artisan bread and snack company, partnered with NutriFusion, Hilton Head, S.C., to add the essential nutrients from six vegetables to their latest products.

The Julian’s Recipe Savory Potato Waffles marks the first product launch with the GrandFusion vegetable blend, providing what is said to be a healthier option over traditional potato products like hash browns.

“We are focused on developing more products with ‘better-for-you’ nutritional profiles for people of all ages,” says Alex Dzieduszycki, founder and R&D lead, and creator of Alexia Foods and Terra Chips. “We believe our Savory Potato Waffles will fill an important gap in functional foods, and give people of all ages a healthy frozen food with a nutraceutical benefit.”

The partnership with Julian’s Recipe showcases the uniqueness of the GrandFusion Six Vegetable Nutrient Blend. With around 100 mg of GrandFusion, Julian’s can deliver 20% RDI of six vitamins, including vitamins A, C, D, E, B1 (thiamin) and B6.

“We are thrilled to see frozen waffles in the market using GrandFusion natural vitamins,” adds William Grand, founder and CEO of NutriFusion. “Julian’s Recipe is on the right mission with the new Savory

Potato Waffles. Julian’s Recipe is an innovator, and we are excited to see more of their products with nutrients from fruit and vegetables. As more brand partners add our nutrients, we hope to see consumers demand companies to switch from synthetic alternatives.”