Stonhard, Maple Shade, N.J., partnered with Blücher, a Denmark-based producer of stainless-steel, sanitary drainage systems, to bring hygienic drain solutions to food and beverage facilities.

“When we were called in to solve food safety issues for several high-profile clients, we noticed Blücher drains were being utilized to eliminate bacterial contamination,” says Scott Garstka, manager – global accounts, Stonhard.

Blücher HygienicPro drains are said to be the only HACCP-certified drain on the market, standing up to high-temperature disinfecting.

“Failures in building design can lead to hidden places for harmful bacteria, such as listeria, to grow and cause product contamination. The effects of contamination can be disastrous for food and beverage processors – from product recalls, to revenue loss, brand damage and in worst cases, human illness or death. Stonhard and Blücher are working together to provide the best technology and design to eliminate these potential issues,” says John Walsh, vice president, business development, Stonhard.