Fortress Technology has unveiled its newest conveyor innovation and overcome the longstanding industry challenge of loosening belt tension when regularly sanitizing food inspection machinery and equipment.

The unique conveyor and tool-less maintenance design, first unveiled on the company’s new Raptor checkweighing series, introduces a new tight fitting conveyor concept. Featuring a quick release and disassembly of the deck, belt, motor and rollers, the new conveyor saves valuable time, money and labor and provides hygiene peace of mind. During the sanitization process, machine operators simply unclip and disconnect the conveyor motor and lift out the entire assembly.

In just seconds, the conveyor belt is removed, along with its individual components, such as rollers and bearings. Improving line efficiencies, the belt tension and alignment are instantly restored when clipped back into place after maintenance and cleaning.

The ‘no tool’ maintenance innovation is another time-saver, putting a stop to operatives fiddling with screws, nuts, bolts etc., and having to locate the right tool to perform the job. As well as making the conveyor super-fast to disassemble, reassemble and slot back into place, it eliminates the risk of losing a part or a screw accidently contaminating food.

To further advance inspection efficiency, the smooth, enhanced belt design eliminates noise. This can cause unwanted vibration, which affects metal detection sensitivity and checkweighing accuracy.

About Fortress Technology

Fortress Technology Ltd. is a privately-owned Toronto based company. Fortress Technology is the only metal detection manufacturer that, since its inception in 1996, custom manufactures metal detectors to suit its customers’ needs, application and specification while ensuring optimal performance. Dedicated to their Never Obsolete Commitment, new technology is developed to be backwards compatible and accessible without having to purchase an entirely new system. Renowned in the industry for their speed, accuracy and simple operation, Fortress systems are used widely within a range of food industry sectors including bakery, meats, ready meals, dairy, confectionery, fresh foods, frozen foods. In addition to product manufacture, the company offers a range of before and after sales service and support services including consultation, product testing, training, preventative maintenance plans, spare parts and validation visits. Fortress is a global enterprise providing worldwide coverage from its manufacturing facilities in Canada, the UK, and Brazil.