Our Best New Refrigerated Retail Products Contest is officially live, where you can vote for one of 25 refrigerated food finalists. Just click here to view all the products, and cast your vote! You can vote once a day for any of the finalists through Friday, September 3.

At the end of the the voting period, we'll count the top five products with the most votes, and feature them in the November/December issue of Refrigerated & Frozen Foods magazine. The overall winner will also be featured on an episode of our Cold Corner podcast.  

This contest features 13 products with meat and/or dairy, and 12 plant-based and/or dairy-free products—evidence of the rapid rise and growing popularity of vegan and vegetarian foods, as more consumers adopt a flexitarian diet. The near 50/50 split among finalists is something we wouldn't have seen a few years ago. 

This is the first year Refrigerated & Frozen Foods has separated the Best New Retail Products Contest into two competitions—one for frozen, and one for refrigerated. Our frozen contest ended in May, and you can read our Q&As with the five winning companies here.