Vejii Holdings Ltd. has launched Planet Based Foods' innovative hemp-protein products including the HEMP Burger, HEMP Crumble, and the HEMP Sausage Patty product ranges into its U.S. platform.

Vejii is a digital marketplace offering thousands of plant-based and sustainable-living products, from hundreds of vendors in a centralized online shopping experience. Vejii has created a unique community of ethically aligned consumers, with the intention of bettering our planet by supporting sustainable living.

Vejii's marketplace will allow Planet Based Foods to reach national exposure utilizing Vejjii's existing infrastructure of data, tech, marketing, and logistics. Vejii has identified hemp-based protein products as an emerging segment of the market that provides a high-protein and fiber mix, through the cultivation and processing of one of the most sustainable crops, that can produce high-quality meat alternative products like those offered by Planet Based foods.

"Vejii has built a unique community within the sector that shares in our mission to make healthy, vegan certified products more widely accessible," said Planet Based Foods' president and CEO Braelyn Davis. "Our selection of delicious plant-based meat alternatives are a perfect fit for Vejii's expanding portfolio of sustainable products, and we look forward to introducing Planet Based Foods to their loyal customer base.”

About Vejii Holdings Inc.
Headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia, Vejii is a unified digital marketplace and fulfillment platform featuring thousands of plant-based and sustainable-living products from a growing list of hundreds of vendors. The platform offers an easy-to-use, omnichannel experience for both vendors and buyers, leveraging big data and artificial intelligence to elegantly connect brands with a targeted consumer base, both organically and through specialized marketing programs. Dynamic fulfillment services empower brands to offer tier-one service, with ongoing engagement being driven through features like smart lists, subscription programs, reordering functions, sampling programs, and more.