There’s a new, vegan taco stuffer in town, and it’s made from fava beans. Upton’s Naturals Fava Taco Style Crumbles is a plant-based product great for filling crunchy taco shells or wrapping into a burrito, layering over chips for loaded nachos, or cooking up a healthy breakfast scramble. High in protein (9 grams per serving), plus low in fat and calories, the tasty crumbles are ready to enjoy after just a few minutes in the frying pan. The heat-and-eat meat alternative is also 100% vegan, certified plant based, Kosher Pareve, and free of gluten, soy, oil, added sugar, and cholesterol. 

Fava beans, also known as broad beans, are one of the oldest known cultivated plants. They have a slightly sweet, earthy flavor and are loaded with protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, including potassium and calcium. Upton’s Naturals adds a custom blend of taco seasonings, bringing a familiar mainstream flavor to the crumbles, which mimic the mouthfeel and texture of slow-cooked ground beef. 

“The success and popularity of our Chorizo Seitan led us to explore alternative proteins that could deliver a similar taste profile in a new and nutritious form. Possessing a texture somewhere in between tofu and seitan, we found fava beans were the perfect solution to create a protein crumble appealing to both vegans and meat-eaters alike,” said Upton’s Naturals’ founder Dan Staackmann.

Upton’s Naturals’ Fava Taco Style Crumbles are available in 8 ounce packages at Sprouts Farmers Markets nationwide with an SRP of $5.99. 

About Upton’s Naturals
Located in Chicago, Illinois, Upton’s Naturals is an independently-owned natural foods company with a focus on meat alternatives and vegan values. Dedicated to simplicity and the use of real, recognizable ingredients, the Upton’s team pioneered flavored Seitan and kick-started the jackfruit food trend in the U.S. with its first-to-market lineup of pre-seasoned, heat-and-eat young Jackfruit. Their products are now sold in over 5,000 stores in the U.S. and have launched in 15 countries worldwide. The company also runs Upton’s Breakroom, a vegan factory café in Chicago, and Liberation Donuts, a 100% vegan gourmet donut shop.