OLIMP Freight, a Chicago-based technology startup, announced the official launch of their mobile application.  The online platform connects carriers and brokers with on-demand warehouses for cross docking, daily warehousing, pallet reworks and last-mile delivery – eliminating time consuming searches and costly delays when freight is rejected.   

Carriers, brokers and dispatchers can quickly search OLIMP’s nationwide network of trusted warehouses based on their location and services needed - comparing pricing, location and reviews to determine which warehouse best fits their immediate need.  Users simply select a warehouse to book and pay online in just a few clicks.    

“For a variety of reasons, five to 12% of loads are rejected or delayed at the receiver. Brokers and truckers lose valuable time looking for a place where they can take the freight,” said Igor Volchenko, OLIMP Freight founder.  “Our mobile app simplifies the search and booking of real time warehouse services, saving time and money while letting truckers get on to the next job.”  

OLIMP has partnerships with over 1,700 warehouses across the United States and Canada.  The warehouses offer no minimum storage requirements and can be scheduled on-demand for as little as one day, storing loads as small as one pallet. A variety of services can be selected including short term warehousing, pallet rework, local delivery, cold and frozen storage, food grade storage, hazardous materials storage and bonded warehouses.    

About OLIMP Freight
OLIMP Freight was established in 2018 by Vlad Gasnikov and Igor Volchenko – two professionals with 25 years of experience working in freight transportation, IT, and logistics management.  OLIMP Freight is a platform that connects shippers and carriers with warehouses that provide cross-docking, short term warehousing, pallet reworks and last mile delivery. OLIMP’s network of warehouses benefit from increased warehouse utilization and a digital paperless solution.