Cleveland Kitchen, the culinary-inspired fermented food brand, is announcing it newest addition, Mild Kimchi.

From sauerkraut to dressings, pickles, and kimchi the brand continues to be at the forefront of gut-healthy, probiotic-filled innovation.

The Mild Kimchi, similar to the Classic Kimchi but with less of a punch and all the flavor, was perfected and developed in partnership with local Korean chefs at Cleveland’s famous Korea House restaurant to bring a delicious, authentic, daily Kimchi to the market.

“There is a growing community of health-conscious consumers seeking out fermented foods, and we are working to continually find seamless ways to make fresh ferments accessible to the masses,” said Drew Anderson, co-founder and CEO of Cleveland Kitchen.

This sensational Korean side is a perfect way to dress up eggs, rice and noodle dishes, toast, or can be enjoyed straight out of the pouch!