Over 25 years, Cascade Glacier has come to be known as the ice cream brand of choice at popular destinations from national parks to waterparks and tourist attractions. To the delight of longtime fans of the brand, Cascade Glacier is celebrating by bringing back their popular Licorice flavor. 

With a creamy and authentic licorice taste, this decadent treat is a licorice lover’s dream. Licorice joins more than 50 other fun, colorful options like Maui Waui, Fruity Pop and Rocks, Party Animal, and Cotton Candy.

“We are so proud of 25 years of serving the foodservice community and continuing to offer crave-worthy options. As a foodservice only brand, we know the importance of creating memorable ice cream experiences and working closely with our customers to help them be successful. We look forward to continuing this work for the next 25 years,” said Joelle Simmons, SVP of sales and marketing.

As consumers set their sights on spring and summer outings, Cascade Glacier is stocked and ready for ice cream season to be in full swing. With the launch of dairy free in three-gallon tubs last year and new 5-ounce Big Bars, Cascade Glacier has become a one stop shop for foodservice retailers who can expect full scale support including pricing, flavor selection, merchandising, and point of sale.

“Our dairy-free tubs and Big Bars have gained exciting traction and continue to set Cascade Glacier apart. As we grow and expand our offerings, we are committed to the success of our partners and providing unparalleled customer service,” Simmons said.

Cascade Glacier Ice Cream, Dairy Free, and Big Bars, can be found through distributors including US Foods and CHEF’STORE. 

About Cascade Glacier
Cascade Glacier is the preferred foodservice ice cream brand for retailers looking for premium, colorful and unique ice cream products that will keep customers coming back. The brand now produces more than 50 flavors at their creamery in Eugene, Oregon. Cascade Glacier products are rBST free and range from three-gallon tubs, to dairy free and no-sugar added options, ice cream bars, smoothie and milkshake bases. Cascade Glacier is available through distributors across the Western United States as well as retailers ranging from scoop shops to theme parks.