Cascade Glacier--a foodservice exclusive brand--is offering three new Big Bar flavors including Huckleberry Heaven, Chocolate, and Mango Dairy Free, to go with existing favorite, Vanilla.

Tailored for takeout, these individually wrapped bars are ideal as grab-and-go treats and serve as an additional profit center for existing businesses including scoop shops, restaurants and national parks.

Cascade Glacier Big Bars are the largest premium ice cream bars in the industry boasting 5 fl. oz. of indulgence compared to 3 fl. oz. on average. This creates a memorable, crave-worthy experience for customers and keeps them coming back.

  • Mango Dairy Free Big Bar – Uncoated dairy free and vegan friendly mango sorbet bar
  • Huckleberry Heaven Big Bar – Uncoated huckleberry ice cream with berries swirled throughout
  • Chocolate Big Bar – Uncoated classic and creamy Dutch chocolate ice cream bar
  • Vanilla Big Bar – Uncoated 100% real vanilla ice cream bar

“Retailers have looked to Cascade Glacier over the years for one-of-a-kind offerings that will bring customers into their stores. We are confident these new Big Bars will exceed expectations and drive repeat traffic for the ice cream season and beyond,” says SVP of Sales & Marketing, Joelle Simmons.

Cascade Glacier Big Bars are also the perfect vehicle for a customizable dipping station with toppings like chocolate, nuts and sprinkles, providing an even more unique experience. Retailer partners can expect unparalleled customer service support from Cascade Glacier with everything from pricing and flavor selection to equipment set up.

Cascade Glacier ice cream and Big Bars can be found through distributors like US Foods and CHEF’STORE.

About Cascade Glacier

Cascade Glacier is the preferred foodservice ice cream brand for retailers looking for premium, colorful and unique ice cream products that will keep customers coming back. The brand was launched in 1998 and now produces more than 50 flavors at their creamery in Eugene, Oregon. Cascade Glacier products are rBST free and range from 3-gallon tubs, to dairy free and no-sugar added options, ice cream bars, smoothie and milkshake bases. Cascade Glacier is available through distributors across the Western United States as well as retailers ranging from scoop shops to theme parks. The brand’s parent company, Oregon Ice Cream, is privately owned and has been making ice cream since 1938.