JLS Automation Harrier System Safely Loads Bacon Drafts

The Harrier Bacon Draft Loading System safely loads fresh sliced retail bacon drafts into thermoformers. A patent-pending robotic gripper end-of-arm tool automatically prefolds flat bacon L-board flaps by utilizing a combination of linear servo actuators before the folded draft is rotated 180 degrees and articulated down into the thermoformer pocket. Featuring hygienic, IP69K-rated delta robots and an open design, the Harrier was designed to ensure the food safety of bacon and is washdown capable. The stainless steel robot sits in an open channel chassis and features tool-less disassembly of all tooling and conveyors for easy cleaning and sanitation.

JLS Automation

Triangle Bagger

Triangle Bagger Great For Frozen Veggies, Chicken And More

Ideal for frozen vegetables, chicken and more, the Delta intermittent motion VFFS is Triangle’s next-generation sanitary bagger. The Delta is able to run bag sizes from 2.5 inches to 15 inches wide and up to 15 inches long at speeds of up to 100 bags/minute. It offers quick and easy changeovers so users can run multiple bag styles, including pillow, gusseted, flat bottom and EZ Stand bags. Optional smart technology features include RFID scan-in technology to access HMI screens, bar code scanning and Smart IO technology.


Cremer Counting Machines

Cremer Counting Machines Provide Easy Washdown

Cremer has launched a line of hygiene-centric counting machines designed for easy washdown. The WD Series is designed for precise counting and dispensing of individual food products in a variety of applications where cleanliness is paramount such as poultry, meat, seafood, cheese, confectionary and bread products. The machines are specifically constructed to thrive in the harsh working environments typically encountered where washdown/wipedown procedures are necessary. The WD Series are scalable for varying production levels. Compatible with all industrial packaging machines, highlights include a compact footprint of just 60 centimeters, FDA-compliant product parts for processing both food and non-food products and streamlined tool-free disassembly.