Key Technology enhanced its FMAlert software for VERYX digital sorters. FMAlert captures and saves digital images of foreign material (FM) contaminants and can be programmed to immediately alert operators and signal a downstream device during critical FM events. Now, the next-generation FMAlert annotates each image to pinpoint the FM object detected. Coupled with VERYX’s advanced detection capabilities, FMAlert helps processors control FM, speed response to FM events, recognize trends and improve documentation to protect food safety. FMAlert also captures and saves time-stamped digital images of critical FM present in the product stream, and can be programmed to identify specific, user-defined FM types and trigger a smart alarm to alert the operator or team when critical FM is found. “Marks” are digitally placed on the images to point out each critical FM contaminant, and the images are saved on the VERYX PC to be downloaded at the sorter via a USB drive or accessed remotely.

Key Technology, Inc.



fillers and sorters

Utilizing the precise nature of servo-powered motors and the latest color touchscreen HMIs and safety protocols, Hinds-Bock’s filling/depositing system is designed for rapid sanitation. These modern servo motors are hermetically sealed for long life in tough environments and enable operators to instantly recall automated fill/deposit parameters for each product/SKU. Operators can also retrieve data acquisition, system tracking, preventative maintenance scheduling, as well as discrete communication with the filler/depositor to control speed, fill/deposit amounts, acceleration, deceleration and tuning fill/deposit speed within the fill/deposit cycle using integrated high-speed ethernet communication.

Hinds-Bock Corp.




Unifiller’s heavy-duty Pro Series includes the Pro1000i FS and Pro 2000i FS depositors, featuring a large conical hopper and precision height adjustment for use with various pumps and conveyor systems. Both models offer a 1-turn calibrated deposit speed dial and quick-connect stainless-steel fittings. Capable of a deposit range up to 93 ounces, depositing up to 110 deposits per minute, this series is ideal for clean depositing of sauces, ready meals, sandwich fillings, deli salads, meat fillings and other flowable products. It also includes a patented SV product valve, large openings and passages for safe depositing of larger chunks up to 1.5 inches.

Unifiller Systems



fillers and sorters

MULTI-FILL redesigned its line of volumetric fillers for improved overall operation efficiency, sanitation and safety aspects of the machines. Some of the new features include quick disassembly (no tool required) and height adjustment of the filling head, standardization of the components and improved sanitary design. Operators can add a liquid pump option to the volumetric filler to fill products such as deli salads, fermented vegetables, fruit cocktail and pico de gallo. The liquid pump also collects liquid that is normally lost through the bottom of the conveyor and re-circulates it to the filling head, where it is dosed with the product into the container. If a drier product is desired, the liquid can be siphoned off and discarded altogether.

Multi-Fill Inc.


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