Digital Sorter for Fresh, Frozen Berries

Key Technology introduced VERYX digital sorters for fresh and frozen berries. VERYX maximizes sorting accuracy through its innovative mechanical architecture, sustained all-sided surface inspection, next-generation cameras and lasers, unique multi-sensor Pixel Fusion, a high-precision ejection system, specialized product handling systems and extreme ease of use. It detects and removes soft fruit, broken berries, color-based defects and both organic and inorganic foreign material, including stems, leaves, metal, glass, rocks, paperboard, plastics and rubber of any color in blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, fresh and individually-quick frozen (IQF) berries and crumble and powder products.

Key Technology, Inc.

Pouch Filling System

Optima Machinery launched the OptiPouch system, which is said to offer 250% more output than the fastest machine on the market to date. With an output of 600 ppm, the system processes premium spouted pouches. The OptiPouch system is a combination of the new rotary filling machine and the rotary closing machine, processing up to 600 spouted pouches per minute.

Optima USA