MUSH, the brand known for making clean, plant-based, ready-to-eat overnight oats with less than eight wholesome ingredients, has announced a nationwide retail launch into 1,025 Kroger stores.
The fan-favorite flavors including Blueberry, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and Apple Cinnamon can be found in the refrigerated aisle in single serve five-ounce cups. MUSH's Kroger availability spans across the Midwest, Southeast and Southwest regions.
The brand's product line offers nostalgic flavor profiles that are nutrient-dense with protein and fiber. MUSH is made from a few simple ingredients and is dairy-free, gluten-free, and has no added sugar. Compared to other leading food products in this category, MUSH uses premium ingredients, minimal processing and a special pasteurization technique to ensure nutrients are maximally absorbed.
 "Our product line of ready-to-eat oats is a brand new take on an old-fashioned favorite, and it's here to stay," said Ashley Thompson, CEO and co-founder of MUSH. "By expanding our retail footprint with Kroger, we can effect positive change in America at monumental scale, one cup of MUSH at a time."
 Blueberry, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and Apple Cinnamon are available for $2.79 at Kroger stores as well as King Soopers, Fred Meyer, Ralph's and QFC which fall under the Kroger parent-company. Coconut Coffee can be found at select locations. 

About Mush
MUSH. Like Oatmeal. But Cooler. MUSH's line of ready-to-eat oats is made with clean ingredients to give you natural energy. MUSH was founded on the simple belief that better foods create better outcomes. While working as a trading analyst at Goldman Sachs, Co-Founder/CEO Ashley Thompson saw the need for access to easy and nutritious food. She quit her job and got to work, co-founding MUSH in 2015. Inspired by her favorite hack as a kid - cereal and oatmeal soaked in milk - Thompson launched MUSH, a ready-to-eat oats product that's satiating, convenient, delicious, and healthy. With 10 delicious flavors, MUSH can be enjoyed any time of day. Grab one for breakfast, an afternoon snack, or even dessert. The company has grown rapidly from its early days when Ashley would sell small handmade batches at local farmers markets in San Diego. Today, MUSH is powered by a small but mighty team whose purpose is to help people maximize their potential by enabling them to feel, think, and do better. MUSH is available both online and at nearly 11,000 stores nationwide.