Grecian Delight Kronos Foods, a leading producer of Mediterranean Foods, announced its new line of authentically prepared, fully seasoned, pre-marinated, cooked, and sliced proteins, ReadyCarved Global Proteins.

Featuring Beef and Lamb Gyro slices, Mediterranean Chicken, Pork Al Pastor, and Chicken Shawarma, ReadyCarved Global Proteins build on the traditional ethnic flavors of the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Hispanic cuisines

ReadyCarved proteins address the operational need of foodservice operators having fewer, younger, and less experienced staff. Since the protein is already seasoned, marinated, fully cooked, and sliced, there is no staff time needed to prepare this protein, saving time, labor, and money.

About Grecian Delight Kronos Foods
Grecian Delight Kronos Foods is a leading provider of authentic Mediterranean Foods, including gyros, specialty meats, pitas, flatbreads, tzatziki, hummus, spreads, falafel, ready-to-eat proteins, plant-based proteins, and value-added bakery products. Product offerings can be found via foodservice and retail industries throughout the U.S.